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  1. You have been looking for powerful therapeutic magnets that are designed to really do the job.
  2. You have been looking for magnets that have been designed or approved by Dr. William H. Philpott, noted authority on Biomagnetics. We are the only company that at one time worked with Dr. Philpott and still carries products designed and/or approved by him.
  3. You have been looking for a company to answer your questions about Biomagnetics.

Biomagnetics holds the promise of being the best of the new complementary medical treatments

  • Negative pole magnetic energy can be of use in prevention and first aid.
  • Magnetic therapy can also be used in addition to other medical treatments.
  • Negative pole magnetic energy can help promote healing and general good health.
  • Magnets are so easy to use.
  • Plus magnetic therapy is economical.
  • The magnets used in Polar Power Magnets are permanent magnets, they will not lose their magnetic power. Unlike pills, you do not need to take them internally (and run the risk of adverse reactions or side effects), nor will you run out of them.

Lothrop Technologies has been in business since 1985

The four owners/managers of Lothrop Technologies are all family members of Dr. William H. Philpott. When we first started in business it was primarily to support Dr. Philpott in his research projects. Soon we grew to include other researchers and physicians; then last but not least the public. We use our sixteen years of experience to produce quality products of the highest magnetic standards. We have the privilege of having helped thousands of people who have improved their lives with the use of Polar Power Magnets.

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