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Magnets for Healing in Choctaw, OK

The Polar Power Magnets evolved from the work and the legacy of Dr. William H. Philpott in Choctaw, OK. He was a leader in researching the field of biomagnetic therapy magnets. His discovery that stress and inflammation are the two conditions responsible for causing a multitude of diseases and painful conditions in the human body caused him to spend many years researching magnetic energy as a source of healing the body by using negative polarity magnets for reducing stress and inflammation.

Magnets for Healing & Pain Relief

Magnetic field therapy uses various magnets on the body to boost your overall health. It is a non-invasive method of healing by placing magnets on the skin over the area that is painful. The magnetic field can penetrate deep into the body tissue, increasing blood flow, impacting the ion channels in the cells, and controlling pain signals.

For sufficient penetration to occur, the magnetic field generated by the magnet needs to be the correct strength. Our Polar Power brand provides vital magnetic strength and polarity for the intended usage, according to the careful research done by Dr. William H. Philpott. The magnetic strength is expressed in Gauss or Tesla units. The higher the number, the greater the strength of the magnet. The stronger magnets can reach deep tissues to exercise an effect. However, each usage needs to be evaluated and matched with a magnet of suitable gauss.

Magnet Therapy Products

Polar Power Magnets offers the most comprehensive selection of magnets and products. We also bring you a wide choice of books and articles on the effects and usage of magnetic products. These are helpful when using magnet therapy products for the first time to teach you about how to use magnets, what they are made of, and how they can help you.

Of course, you may wonder how these magnets will stay on your body since magnets are usually flat and either round or square, and a human body is usually round and lumpy. Our magnets are fashioned into mattresses, pads, chair pads, sta-tight wraps, and comfort-covered magnets to make sure you can easily apply the magnets in the places where they need to work.

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You may be skeptical that magnets can help you feel better after suffering from painful, chronic conditions for many years. Even medical doctors cannot help you feel better. However, we had such great results with our patients that we want to share our knowledge with you and convince you to give magnetic therapy a try.

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