Dana January 2, 2024

Dana | 2023-06-14 18:32:36

"These have helped tremendously! Our functional doctor recommended we try them for my son’s epilepsy. He is definitely affected by emfs, and wearing two 4x3 magnets on his head for 20 minutes a day has improved his symptoms so much. It hasn’t taken away epilepsy, but has dramatically helped."
Angelique C. January 2, 2024

Love this magnet!!

"Through applied kinesiology (muscle testing) after putting food/supplements and or water on the negative (north pole) of this magnet for approx 20 minutes, it changes the polarity of the food from positive (south pole) to negative, which creates a positive (healthy) outcome. The magnet also helps with pain etc, so well worth the money for the multiples uses."
Cecilia Adams April 7, 2021

Cecilia Adams

"5/5 Stars"