Biomagnetic Therapy Magnets in Choctaw, OK

All magnetic products from Polar Power Magnets are made from three types of magnetic material.

Types of Therapy Magnets for Sale

  • Flexible magnets have a neoprene base and are packed with magnetized ferrous oxide. They are flexible to fit around body parts and are non-breakable. Even though these have the weakest magnetic strength, applying the proper size of magnets will relieve even deep-seated pain.
  • Ceramic magnets. These are the mainstay of magnetic therapy and penetrate the deepest tissue.
  • Neodymium magnets are the latest, strongest magnets available. These magnets are suitable for intense penetration and pain relief on a small area.

Each product contains more than one magnet to ensure an even field of magnetic energy for maximum, effective treatment. There are many products in our catalog for you to choose from, but the most commonly used ones are explained below.

Magnetic Therapy Pads

These are small pads that can be used anywhere on your body: head, legs, back, feet, or as a cushiony seat pad. The Multi-Purpose Pad covers a large area with a high-powered negative field. You will find yourself using this pad all the time. The Negative Pole side has black fabric and the South Pole side has gray fabric with a red Polar Power label. It’s easy to use, just place it over or under the area you wish to treat.

This little pad will be invaluable to relieve your back pain, but can also be used for stomach pain (especially useful for bringing relief during those pesky period pains). Other less common uses include relief of a chest cold.

Biomagnetic Therapy Magnets

Polar Power Magnets are also available in wearable products like boots, hats, and ankle wraps. These are specifically designed for treating body areas that need extra help. Ankles get sprained or broken, elbows that play too much tennis, wrists with carpal tunnel, and heads that seem to always hurt. These areas need heavy-duty help that can be applied daily without disrupting your routine.

We manufacture products that provide biomagnetic therapy magnets inside wearable, comfortable apparel products. The inside is lined with Cool Max® fabric to keep you dry, and the outside has looped fabric to keep the Velcro closures for housing the magnets securely in place. Wear them all day, anywhere, anytime in Choctaw, Harrah, Nicoma Park, Oklahoma City, and Oklahoma County, OK; even to that tennis game!

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